My artistic research investigates PERCEPTION and the possibilities to extend and augment it. While psychology introduces the boundaries of sensations, my aim is to go beyond the borderline for a deeper experience. I interested in the possibility of the artist in this process, who can operate much more freely than its strict scientific counterpart. Artistic intervention contains the potential to leave behind the ‘road’ and enter to the path of the periphery.

I believe this process is only possible in practice, therefore INTERACTION is the key element of my activity. Through interaction the viewer became the explorer, the researcher and the creator themselves. I often refer to the collective MEMORY – and use archives – to deepen the experience. I work mainly on community specific projects based on engagement, and my cross-media works always call for PARTICIPATION.

My installations based on experiencing, rediscovering and reinterpreting different phenomena. Traditional- and new media techniques intermingle in the artistic process. I am especially interested of how LIGHT can show the invisible - the virtual and the immaterial – and can reflect it into the real space. My hypothesis is that, when light, - the basic and necessary element of visual perception – became controlled, thus effected the perception itself. PERFORMING with light therefore, carries the possibility to augment the vision.

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